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When you're facing charges in Lawrence, MA, criminal defense attorney representation from Doherty Law Offices can alleviate your fears and stand by your side as a strong legal advocate. We believe that people make mistakes and they can find themselves in compromising positions at any time. The constitution gives you the right to a fair trial and to be considered innocent until proven guilty. We fight for these rights with strong, aggressive representation.

We take a complete and comprehensive approach when it comes to representing criminal cases. When you work with our firm, we thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your case to uncover further evidence. We interview and choose witnesses to testify on your behalf, including law enforcement. As experts in both negotiations and trial litigation, we can strongly advocate for your defense in every aspect of your case.

Our professionals work with clients accused of violent crimes, sex crimes, and drug crimes. We also defend clients accused of white color crimes. When you've been accused of a DUI or as a juvenile, we work hard to advocate for fair but lenient sentences, especially in first offence cases. Regardless of whether you've been charged with a misdemeanor or felony, it is always the wisest decision to choose experienced private legal representation every time to ensure the most favorable outcome. Representing yourself or choosing a public defender can adversely affect the results of your trial.

For a Lawrence, MA, criminal defense attorney call Doherty Law Offices today for a free case evaluation. During your initial consultation, we can begin to discuss the right strategy for your case. We offer contingent fees for certain cases. We maintain 24/7 call answering and appointment flexibility to remain accessible at all times. We also offer at-home consultations by request.


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